devil's frire barn dance band

Birthday Barn Dances and Anniversary Celebrations

Are you thinking of having a birthday bash or anniversary celebration?
Are you wondering how to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves?
Are you looking to involve all ages and get everyone up and dancing?

In that case it looks like you need a good barn dance band!

Devil's Fire can cover all the bases. They have a rock and roll beat that gets all the feet tapping. It is that same rock and roll beat that people are used to dancing to, so that when it comes to the actual dance the dancers can instinctively 'feel' the beat.

Devil's Fire play songs between the dances to give everyone a chance to take a rest and replenish their refreshments, or to carry on dancing should they wish to. Towards the end of the evening the band can do a set of classic rock and roll and country songs to end the evening with a bang!

Why choose a barn dance or hoedown?

Basically (as previously stated) it gets everyone involved, from the oldest to the youngest. Nothing else can do this quite as well as a barn dance. It's also fun. There is nothing serious about it and people talk about it for a long time afterwards. The more mistakes the funnier it becomes.


Why is a barn dance better than a disco?

There is nothing wrong with a disco in the right environment. For instance, when everyone attending the party is of a very similar age. The DJ can then cater for that specific age group. How do you cater for all ages? The short answer is - you can't! When attendees range in age from 8 to 80 there is no 'one size fits all'. The last thing you want at your celebration is a half empty dance floor. The one thing that most of your guests will have in common is the fact that they won't have attended a barn dance before, so everything is new to them and hilarious. You only have to look at our website's front page to see all the wonderful feedback we have had.