devil's frire barn dance band

hoedown Dance Styles

hoedown bandsHoedown bands are usually in the American style line-up with the usual instruments such as Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo and Bass Guitar - but occasionally with a few more additions, such as Drums, Pedal Steel and even Harmonica. This is the "old-fashioned country and western" feel, like when you hear the band playing on those western films and all the locals are dancing in the town square.

This is far different to the Cajun style which is from Louisiana, which is a sort of American/French cross.

This is usually played on Fiddle, Guitar and a single row Melodeon. It has a unique beat and a driving style that is very "foot-tapping". You will find a Triangle often being used as a beat instrument.

Here is Devil's Fire live at a hoedown. Everyone is having a great time.

Both these styles have now been accommodated into the British style of barn dances and are just an extension of the theme event type thing, allowing people to dress up in cowboy gear and shout YAHOOOO!!