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blaineStrum Stick

This is Blaine Horlocker. Owner of The Smokey Mountain Dulcimer Works over in Florida. He makes a wide range of beautiful hand made instruments from Dulcimers right through to Banjo's and Mandolins.

He is the maker of the Strum stick pictured below. The sound has to be heard to be believed - a delicate and light dulcimer tone. I have added some pick-ups to mine so it can be played through the amps on our gigs.

Here's something brand new off-the-press.
My new solid-bodied electric strum stick also made and designed by Blaine. The tone and sustain on this is nothing short of fabulous.

If you wish to contact Blaine to purchase one of these unique instruments (and they are so cheap you wouldn't believe) you can reach him here.





electric strum stick